Bridge to Terabithia

by Katherine Paterson

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How does Leslie prevent Jess from getting caught by Mrs. Pierce in Bridge to Terabithia?

Expert Answers

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Leslie creates a diversion to help Jess avoid getting caught by Mrs. Pierce. She calls out to the seventh grade teacher, who is approaching the fifth grade room where Jess is not supposed to be, saying,

"Oh, Mrs. Pierce, I've just been standing here waiting for you...there is a very interesting nest on the south end of the building, and know so much about science, I was hoping you could take a minute to look at it with me and tell me what built it...It won't take but a minute, and it would mean so much to me!"

Leslie speaks very loudly, so that Jess will hear and know that he should get out of the room very quickly. As he hears Leslie's and Mrs. Pierce's retreating footsteps, Jess does what he came to do, finding Janice Avery's desk and stuffing a note into it. Then, he races out of the room and hides out in the boys' room until the bell rings to return to class.

Janice Avery is the class bully, and she had stolen Jess's little sister May Belle's Twinkies. In an attempt to get back at Janice, Leslie and Jess have concocted a scheme to embarrass her, and it is for this reason that Jess is sneaking the note into Janice's desk (Chapter 5).

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