Chapter 8 Summary

It is a very rainy March, and for the first time in many years, the creek bed over which Leslie and Jesse swing to get to Terabithia is filled with swiftly rushing water. Easter is coming, and Ellie and Brenda are already arguing about what they will wear to church. The Aaronses only go to church once a year, and Momma always tries to put aside enough money so that the family will be able to get new clothes for the occasion. This year, however, Mr. Aarons gets laid off from his job, so there is no money for new outfits for anyone.

Ellie and Brenda complain bitterly about having nothing to wear. Ellie suggests that they charge some items, and Brenda says that some people routinely buy clothes that way, wear it once, and...

(The entire section is 686 words.)