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Edgar, popularly called the Master of Ravenswood, even though the Ravenswood estate has passed into the hands of his family’s enemy, Sir William Ashton. Edgar and Lucy Ashton fall in love, but tragedy and death prevent the resurgence of the Ravenswood fortunes and the marriage of the lovers.

Sir William Ashton

Sir William Ashton, Lord Keeper of Scotland. He is the new master of the Ravenswood estate and the longtime enemy of the late Lord Ravenswood. He is prevented by his wife from befriending Edgar and bringing about a marriage between him and Lucy, his daughter.

Lucy Ashton

Lucy Ashton, daughter of Sir William and secretly betrothed to Edgar, Master of Ravenswood. Forced to marry Frank Hayston of Bucklaw, she loses her mind and dies the day after the wedding.

Lady Ashton

Lady Ashton, wife of Sir William. Her cruel persecution and virtual imprisonment of her daughter Lucy drive the girl to madness and, finally, to her death.

Frank Hayston of Bucklaw

Frank Hayston of Bucklaw, a wealthy young nobleman and Lady Ashton’s favored contender for the hand of Lucy, who dies the morning after being married to him.

Caleb Balderstone

Caleb Balderstone, Edgar’s faithful old servant, who tries to keep alive the ancient glories of the Ravenswood family.

The Marquis of A———

The Marquis of A———, Edgar’s powerful kinsman.


Alice, a blind tenant on the Ravenswood estate who prophesies that tragedy will result from the union of a Ravenswood and an Ashton. Her ghost warns Edgar of the danger of such an alliance.

Captain Craigengelt

Captain Craigengelt, an adventurer-soldier, companion of Frank Hayston.

Young Ashton

Young Ashton, Lucy’s brother. Believing that Edgar is responsible for his sister’s death, he challenges Edgar to a duel. On the way to the duel, Edgar is trapped in quicksand and perishes.


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In a more or less customary way for Scott, the characters in The Bride of Lammermoor fall into two groups: the Master of Ravenswood...

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