Brian W. Aldiss

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Principal Works

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Short Fiction

Space, Time and Nathaniel 1957

* The Canopy of Time 1959

No Time Like Tomorrow 1959

The Airs of Earth 1963

Starswarm 1964

Best Science Fiction Stories of Brian Aldiss 1965

The Saliva Tree, and Other Strange Growths 1966

Intangibles Inc., and Other Stories: Five Novellas 1969

Neanderthal Planet 1969

The Moment of Eclipse 1971

The Book of Brian Aldiss 1972

Brothers of the Head (novella) 1977

Last Orders and Other Stories 1977

Enemis of the System: A Tale of Homo Uniformis (novella) 1978

New Arrivals, Old Encounters 1979

Foreign Bodies 1981

Seasons in Flight 1984

Best SF Stories of Brian W. Aldiss 1988

Science Fiction Blues: The Show That Brian Aldiss Took on the Road 1988

Man in His Time: The Best Science Fiction Stories of Brian W. Aldiss 1989

A Tupolev Too Far 1993

Other Major Works

The Brightfount Diaries (novel) 1955

§ Equator (novel) 1958

Non-Stop (novel) 1958

Bow down to Nul (novel) 1960

** Hothouse (novel) 1961

The Male Response (novel) 1961

The Primal Urge (novel) 1961

The Dark Light Years (novel) 1964

Greybeard (novel) 1964

Earthworks (novel) 1965

Cities and Stones: A Traveller's Yugoslavia (nonfiction) 1966

††An Age (novel) 1967

Report on Probability A (novel) 1968

Barefoot in the Head: A European Fantasia (novel) 1969

The Hand-Reared Boy (novel) 1970

The Shape of Further Things (nonfiction) 1970

A Soldier Erect (novel) 1971

Billion Year Spree: The History of Science Fiction (criticism) 1973

‡‡Frankenstein Unbound (novel) 1973

The Eighty-Minute Hour: A Space Opera (novel) 1974

Science Fiction Art (nonfiction) 1975

The Malacia Tapestry (novel) 1976

A Rude Awakening (novel) 1978

Pile: Petals from St. Klaed's Computer (nonfiction) 1979

This World and Nearer Ones: Essays Exploring the Familiar (essays) 1979

Life in the West (novel) 1980

§§Moreau's Other Island (novel) 1980

Helliconia Spring (novel) 1982

Helliconia Summer (novel) 1983

Helliconia Winter (novel) 1985

The Pale Shadow of Science (nonfiction) 1985

. . . And the Lurid Glare of the Comet (nonfiction) 1986

Trillion Year Spree: The History of Science Fiction [with David Wingrove] (criticism) 1986

Ruins (novel) 1987

The Year Before Yesterday: A Novel in Three Acts (novel) 1987

Forgotten Life (novel) 1988

Dracula Unbound: A Novel (novel) 1991

Remembrance Day (novel) 1993

Somewhere East of Life (novel) 1994

*Published as Galaxies Like Grains of Sand, 1960.

†Revised edition published in 1966 as Who Can Replace a Man?

‡Published in 1973 as Comic Inferno.

§Published in 1959 as Vanguard from Alpha.

‖Published in 1959 as Starship.

#Published in 1961 as The Interpreter.

** Published in 1962 as Long Afternoon of Earth.

†† Published in 1968 as Cryptozoic!

‡‡ Adapted as a radio play of the same title in 1974 and broadcast on BBC radio.

§§ Published in 1981 as An Island Called Moreau.

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