Brian W. Aldiss

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Aldiss, Margaret. The Work of Brian W. Aldiss: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide. San Bernardino: Borgo Press, 1992, 360 p.

Book-length, annotated bibliography compiled by Aldiss's wife, which includes two autobiographical essays by Brian Aldiss.


Herbert, Rosemary. "Brian W. Aldiss: Maverick." The Bloomsbury Review 6, No. 3 (February 1986): 12-14.

Provides biographical details about Aldiss's life.


Griffin, Brian, and David Wingrove. Apertures: A Study of the Writings of Brian W. Aldiss. Westport: Greenwood Press, 1984, 261 p.

Book-length study of Aldiss's works through 1984.

Additional coverage of Aldiss's life and career is contained in the following sources published by Gale Group: Contemporary Authors, First Revision, Vols. 5-8; Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series, Vol. 2; Contemporary Authors New Revision Series, Vols. 5, 28; Contemporary Literary Criticism, Vols. 5, 14, 40; Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 14; Discovering Authors: Novelists Module ; Major 20th-century Writers ; and Something about the Author, Vol. 34.

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