Bella Swan/Cullen
Bella is the protagonist of the novel, and parts one and three are told from her perspective. Bella moved to Forks to live with her father in the first book of the series, and meets Edward through high school. She is immediately attracted to him. Although she knows the danger of being with Edward, Bella refuses to live without him. In the beginning of Breaking Dawn, Edward and Bella are married. During the honeymoon, Bella becomes pregnant, giving birth to a half-human, half-vampire daughter they name Renesmee. After giving birth, Bella finally becomes what she has longed to be—a vampire. After changing, Bella exhibits extraordinary self-control as a newborn vampire. Her flaws—such as her clumsiness—disappear. Bella's is the only mind Edward cannot read. When Bella becomes a vampire, this skill becomes a protective shield, which Bella can project and shield others from mental attacks. Bella seems destined to be made a vampire.

Edward Cullen
Bella’s love interest in the first three books, Edward finally becomes Bella’s husband in Breaking Dawn. Edward is a vampire who, upon first meeting Bella, thought she smelled more delicious than any other human he had ever encountered. Edward tries several times in previous books to end his relationship with Bella, but he is never able to forget his love for Bella. He is the father of Renesmee, his half-vampire, half-human daughter. Edward has the ability to read minds, except for Bella’s. He is the one to transform Bella into a vampire after helping deliver their child.

Renesmee Cullen
Renesmee is a half-vampire, half-human and the daughter of Bella and Edward. Renesmee’s human traits are that she ages and does not require blood to survive. Her heart pumps blood, and she is warm to the touch. Her vampire traits include the fact she enjoys drinking blood and can sustain herself on blood alone, and her skin is diamond-hard like a vampire’s. She is also unusually beautiful, although her skin does not sparkle in the sun. Renesmee grows at a rapid pace—it is predicted she will mature, and stop aging, in only six or seven years. She can communicate telepathically with people by touching them and showing them pictures in their minds. Renesmee is imprinted upon by Jacob Black the first time he sees her. She is also the unexpected peace treaty between the werewolves and the vampires—the werewolves cannot attack her because Jacob has imprinted upon her.

Jacob Black
Jacob does not approve of Bella becoming a vampire or...

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