Bread and Wine

by Secondo Tranquilli

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Last Updated on September 5, 2023, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 163

There are many characters in this story, but the main characters of Bread and Wine are as follows:

Pietro Spina: A man driven by his ideals to change his fascist society into something that works for everyone and that protects even the poorest of the country's citizens. He disguises himself as a much older priest named Don Paolo Spada in order to escape those pursuing him for his revolutionary tactics.

Don Benedetto: Pietro's mentor and father figure and a socialist in fascist Italy.

Bianchina Girasole: A young woman who was dying from complications of an abortion and believes Don Paolo to be a saint because after he forgave her for her sins, she was healed.

Cristina Colamartini: Pietro's love interest who is so devoted to God that she eventually sacrifices her own life trying to bring food to the escaped Pietro at the end of the novel.

Luigi Murica: Pietro's ally who is eventually killed by authorities for his belief in Pietro's cause.

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