Brave New World Overview Quiz

What is soma? What happens to John the Savage? Find answers to these and other important questions from Aldous Huxley's novel with eNotes' Brave New World Overview Quiz. Designed to test your knowledge of the work as a whole, this quiz contains ten essential questions on the plot, premise, and characters of Brave New World.

  1. The ______________ Process is the name for cloning humans from a single fertilized egg.

  2. What does John consider doing to Lenina while she is on her 18 hour Soma "holiday"?

  3. Who or what is Soma?

  4. What two objects are introduced to the babies in the Infant Conditioning Rooms?

  5. What does Fanny advise Lenina to do?

  6. What event occurs at the conclusion of Solidarity Service?

  7. What does Darwin Bonaparte do to the Savage?

  8. What happens to John?

  9. What is the term used instead of birth for new babies?

  10. What game do Lenina and Bernard play?

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