Chapter 9 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How does Lenina handle the disgust of her visit to the Reservation when she returns to the guest house?

2. Does Bernard sleep? Why?

3. Whom does Bernard call from Santa Fe? Why?

4. What does Mond do when he receives Bernard’s call?

5. Why does Bernard treat the Warden the way he does?

6. How does John feel when he comes to the rest house?

7. Why does John break the window?

8. How does John handle Lenina’s clothes and make-up?

9. Does John touch the sleeping Lenina? Why?

10. What causes John to leave?

1. Lenina takes enough soma to sleep for 18 hours.

2. Bernard lies awake planning John’s trip.

3. Bernard calls Mustapha Mond directly to get permission for John and Linda to come to London.

4. Mond immediately sends permission for Bernard to take John and Linda off the Reservation.

5. Bernard feels very self-satisfied with his call to Mond and he has to flaunt his importance.

6. John thinks that he has been deserted and Bernard will not take him to London. He sits and cries.

7. John sees Lenina’s green suitcase and he must get in the room to touch something that is hers.

8. John handles Lenina’s things as if he were touching the relics of a saint.

9. John kneels at Lenina’s bed but feels he is unworthy to touch her.

10. John hears Bernard’s plane and runs out to greet him.

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