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Chapter 8 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is one of John’s earliest memories?

2. What do the women do to Linda in the weaving room? Why?

3. How do the women punish Linda for her promiscuity?

4. When John calls Linda “Mother,” what does she do? What does he always call her after that?

5. Why does John often turn to the old men of the tribe?

6. Why is John always in ragged clothes? What is his solace?

7. What book does Popé bring for John?

8. What does Mitsima teach John?

9. What does John do when he is denied the initiation rite?

10. When Bernard offers to take John to London, what does John ask?

1. John remembers being locked out of Linda’s room so Popé could have sex with her.

2. Linda had broken some threads on the loom. The women scream at her and chase her out.

3. The women of the pueblo break...

(The entire section is 298 words.)