Chapter 7 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why doesn’t Lenina like the Indian guide?

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2. To what does Lenina compare the top of the mesa?

3. What shocks Lenina about the old man?

4. How does Bernard try to appear strong and brave?

5. Of what do the drums remind Lenina?

6. How does the new Savage appear different?

7. What about Lenina fascinates the blonde Indian?

8. Why is Bernard so excited with the answers the Savage gives to his questions?

9. Why was Linda segregated and shunned by the rest of the pueblo?

10. What can the reader infer Linda hopes will happen now?

1. The Indian guide says nothing and smells bad.

2. The top of the mesa reminds Lenina of the view from the Charing T Tower.

3. The old man is wrinkled and sagging. Lenina has never seen the real signs of aging.

4. Bernard talks about mothers, babies, and birth. He tries to act very urbane about what he sees.

5. The drumbeat reminds Lenina of the rhythms used during the Solidarity Services, especially the orgy ending.

6. The new Savage has blonde hair and blue eyes. He speaks to them, but his manner of speech is strange.

7. Lenina is dressed differently; she is fair-skinned, clean, and beautiful.

8. Bernard begins to realize that this is the Director’s child and a means to Bernard’s revenge.

9. Linda misused the Indian drugs and was openly promiscuous.

10. Linda sees Bernard and Lenina as her salvation because they will take her back to the Other Place where she belongs.

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