Chapter 6 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. To what does Henry Foster compare Bernard?

2. What does Bernard want Lenina to do on their first afternoon together?

3. When Bernard and Lenina meet her friends in Amsterdam, how does he behave?

4. How does Bernard frighten Lenina during their return over the Channel?

5. What is the Director’s attitude toward Bernard’s trip to the Reservation?

6. What does the Director sometimes dream about regarding his experience at the Reservation?

7. How does the Director threaten Bernard for his reported behavior?

8. What are Bernard’s only thoughts during the Warden’s lecture?

9. How does Bernard react when he hears the Director has made good on his threat of exile?

10. How does the Gamma pilot refer to the Savages and the Reservation? What word does he keep using?

1. Foster calls Bernard a rhinoceros who has not been affected by conditioning.

2. Bernard wants to take Lenina to the Lake District to walk and talk alone.

3. Bernard sits at the ice cream bar and sulks, refusing to take soma or enjoy himself in any way.

4. Bernard frightens Lenina by dropping very close to the dark waves of the Channel and turning off the engine to hover quietly above them.

5. The Director does not want to give his permission for Ber-nard’s trip, but he cannot go against Mustapha Mond’s signature.

6. The Director sometimes dreams about not being able to find the girl he took to the Reservation, and the search in the thunderstorm.

7. The Director says that if any more reports come in Bernard will be exiled to Iceland.

8. All Bernard can think about is calling Helmholtz to have him turn off the cologne tap in Bernard’s flat because it will be so expensive.

9. Bernard is outraged that this could be done to him. Then he begins to think of a way to get his revenge.

10. The Gamma pilot refers to everything on the Reservation as funny, whether it is the dead animals along the fence or the Savages. He says the Savages are tame but funny.

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