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Chapter 5 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. In what type of housing are the lower castes? How are Alphas and Betas housed?

2. What is done with the dead in the New World?

3. How does Lenina demonstrate that her childhood conditioning has been effective?

4. What does Lenina ask Henry about as she is getting ready to sleep with him?

5. When must Bernard attend his Solidarity meetings?

6. How many people are in each Solidarity Group? How are they seated?

7. Why is Bernard unhappy about sitting next to Morgana Rothschild?

8. What ritual is performed during the First Solidarity Hymn?

9. How does the Solidarity Group meeting end?

10. How does Bernard feel after the meeting?

1. The lower castes are housed in barracks, while the Alphas and Betas are on the other side of a wall in separate houses.

2. The dead are taken to the Crematorium where the bodies are burned and any valuable chemicals are...

(The entire section is 290 words.)