Chapter 4 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Where is Lenina when she tries to discuss the New Mexico trip with Bernard?

2. Why is Bernard embarrassed by Lenina’s conversation?

3. What is the difference in the way Bernard and Lenina look at the warm blue sky when they reach the roof?

4. When Benito sees that Bernard is in a bad temper, what does he offer?

5. What does Lenina say during the flight with Henry that demonstrates she is a true product of conditioning?

6. How does Bernard treat those of lower caste than he? Why?

7. What caste is Helmholtz? What is his job?

8. What does Watson ask Bernard when the two men arrive at Watson’s apartment?

9. What does Watson compare words to? Explain the comparison.

10. What does Watson quietly feel about his friend Bernard?

1. Lenina is in the lift (elevator) when she sees Bernard and openly talks about spending a week with him in New Mexico.

2. Bernard is always embarrassed by what he considers intimate conversations taking place in front of others.

3. Bernard remarks about the beauty of the sky. Lenina only sees it as a backdrop to play Obstacle Golf.

4. Benito offers Bernard soma. No one should be unhappy when the drug will bring instant contentment.

5. Lenina sees the colors of the lower castes. She repeats the conditioning phrases: “What a hideous color khaki is” and “I’m glad I’m not a Gamma.”

6. Because Bernard is not as tall as an Alpha-Plus should be, he feels insecure around the lower castes. He is always sharp and officious with those below him. He shouts at the lower-caste workers.

7. Helmholtz Watson is an Alpha-Plus. He is a lecturer on writing at the College of Emotional Engineering. He also writes various propaganda slogans and rhymes.

8. Watson asks Bernard if he ever feels that there is some sort of power inside him wanting to come out—something important to say.

9. Watson says that words are like x-rays and can pierce anything. However, he doesn’t feel he’s writing the words that can be x-rays.

10. Watson feels sorry for Bernard. He privately wishes that Bernard had more self-esteem and more pride.

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