Chapter 2 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What is the age and social group of the infants being conditioned?

2. What is the first conditioning mechanism used? The second?

3. Why must the lower groups be conditioned to go to the country?

4. What words have become “dirty words”?

5. How is Reuben Rabinovitch able to repeat the G. B. Shaw

6. Why were early sleep-teaching experiments abandoned?

7. When was hypnopaedia first used successfully?

8. How often is each hypnopaedic lesson repeated to be successful?

9. The Director says that wordless conditioning is crude and wholesale. What reasons does he give for this?

10. Whose suggestions are incorporated into the children’s minds?

1. The infants are eight-month-old, identical Delta Bokanovsky Group babies.

2. When the babies first touch the roses and books, alarm bells, sirens, and horrible noises scare them. Then the floor under them is electrified.

3. The lower groups are the larger percentage of the population and must be conditioned to go to the country to consume transportation and sports equipment.

4. Words like mother, father, born, parents, and any intimate family relationship words have become the “dirty words” in this New World.

5. A radio was accidentally left on in Reuben’s room while he slept. The next morning he was able to repeat Shaw’s speech word for word.

6. Sleep-teaching was abandoned because children could memorize facts that way but could not relate them as knowledge. They could only repeat by rote memory.

7. Hypnopaedia was first used successfully in A.F. 214, or about 2130 in contemporary time.

8. Each lesson is repeated 120 times, three times a week, for 30 months.

9. The Director says that wordless conditioning cannot make finer distinctions or instill complex behavior.

10. The Suggestions from the State are the ones that are instilled into all young minds.

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