Chapter 18 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What is the Savage doing when Bernard and Helmholtz come to say goodbye?

2. When do the two men leave to begin their exile?

3. What does the Savage plan to do? Why?

4. Where does the Savage go for his self-exile?

5. How does the Savage spend his first night at the lighthouse?

6. Of what do the seven skyscrapers that are floodlit at night remind the Savage?

7. How is the Savage’s place found?

8. What does the reporter from The Hourly Radio try to do? What happens to him?

9. What does Darwin Bonaparte do with his film of the Savage?

10. How does the Savage pay for what he sees as his final sin?

1. The Savage is purging himself with a mustard emetic to rid himself of civilization.

2. Bernard and Helmholtz leave the next morning for their exile.

3. The Savage plans to find an uninhabited place in England and exile himself because Mond won’t send him to an island.

4. The Savage finds a deserted piece of seacoast on the south coast of England near Portsmouth.

5. The Savage spends his first night praying and mimicking a crucifixion in the form of vigil.

6. The seven lit skyscrapers remind him of cathedral spires or pinnacles of the Southwest, reaching toward heaven and God.

7. Three Delta-Minus land workers happen on the Savage when he is whipping himself.

8. The reporter tries to get an interview with the Savage, who kicks him in his backside.

9. Bonaparte makes his film into an instant hit feely, The Savage of Surrey. It results in more visitors to the lighthouse.

10. The Savage hangs himself from the highest point in the lighthouse.

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