Chapter 17 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. In the New World, where is God and where is Ford?

2. To whom does Mond compare Cardinal Newman?

3. Whose property does Newman say man is?

4. When does de Biran say man finds God?

5. When does Mond say man can be independent from God?

6. What attitude of society does Mond say keeps the wheels turning?

7. What has society done with what the Savage calls the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”?

8. When the Savage thinks of unpleasant things, what does he remember?

9. What replaces living dangerously?

10. What does the Savage choose?

1. God is in the safe. Ford is on the shelves.

2. Mond compares Cardinal Newman to the Arch-Community-Songster.

3. Newman says that man is God’s property.

4. De Biran says that as man ages and youthful passions cool, he finds God.

5. Mond says that when man has youth and prosperity for his whole life he can do without God.

6. Self-indulgence keeps the wheels turning, not self-denial.

7. Society has removed all the bad things and everything which is unpleasant. Life is too easy.

8. The Savage remembers Linda’s dying, and the mocking laughter at her appearance.

9. Violent Passion Surrogate gives an instant adrenaline rush to replace any desire for danger.

10. The Savage chooses the right to be unhappy.

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