Brave New World Chapter 15 Questions and Answers
by Aldous Huxley

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Chapter 15 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why isn’t the Savage aware of the crowd around him?

2. How do the Delta twins react to the Savage’s pushing through?

3. To what does the Savage compare the Delta twins?

4. What does the Deputy Sub-Bursar threaten if the group doesn’t settle down?

5. What does the Savage do with the soma boxes?

6. Whom does the Sub-Bursar call? Why?

7. What does Helmholtz do at the hospital?

8. Why are the Delta twins truly upset?

9. How do the police subdue the crowd?

10. What does the Sergeant do?

1. The Savage is grief-stricken and remorseful over Linda’s death.

2. The Deltas are upset because their routine is upset.

3. The Savage says the Deltas are like maggots swarming over Linda’s body.

4. The Sub-Bursar closes the cash box and threatens to stop the soma distribution.

5. The Savage throws the soma boxes out the window.

6. The Sub-Bursar calls Bernard because he thinks he is the Savage’s friend.

7. Helmholtz pushes through the crowd to join the Savage.

8. The Deltas are the most upset with the soma ration being gone.

9. The riot police use soma spray and anesthetic-loaded water pistols on the crowd.

10. The Sergeant takes the Savage, Helmholtz, and Bernard into custody.