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Chapter 11 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does everyone want to meet John?

2. What is Linda’s existence now? What will eventually happen to her?

3. How does Bernard make himself more self-important?

4. How does society label John?

5. What effect does the visit to the Electrical Equipment Corporation have on John?

6. What does Bernard do during the visit to Eton?

7. What are the only books in Eton’s library? Why?

8. Why does Bernard want Lenina to take the Savage to the feelies?

9. What is the Savage’s reaction to the feely?

10. Why is Lenina disappointed at the end of the chapter?

1. John is a real Savage, new and unusual like a new animal in a zoo.

2. Linda is in a constant soma holiday. Dr. Shaw says that such heavy intake will kill her in about a month or two.

3. Bernard sets himself up as guardian and agent for John. Everyone who wants to meet John has to go through Bernard.

4. John is...

(The entire section is 312 words.)