Chapter 10 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. To what does the Director compare the Bloomsbury Centre?

2. Why does the Director choose the Fertilizing Room to meet Bernard?

3. Why is it important that high-caste workers are witnesses?

4. How does Bernard begin the meeting?

5. Of what does the Director accuse Bernard?

6. What is to be Bernard’s punishment?

7. How does Linda try to act toward the Director?

8. What is the reaction in the room to Linda’s revelation?

9. What is the reaction to John’s calling the Director his father?

10. How does the Director leave?

1. The Director calls the Centre a hive of industry.

2. The Director plans to make a public example of Bernard in front of high-caste workers.

3. High-caste workers are the most intelligent and the most capable of rebellious thoughts. This will be a lesson for them.

4. Bernard is self-important and self-confident, but nervous. He speaks too loudly at first.

5. Bernard is accused of heretical views on sport and soma, having an unorthodox sex life, and refusing to obey Our Ford.

6. Bernard will be dismissed from his post and sent to the lowest Sub-Centre on Iceland.

7. Linda tries to be the sexy, seductive woman she once was, but is actually a parody of what she once was.

8. An uncomfortable, embarrassed hush falls over the room.

9. Everyone in the room breaks into hysterical laughter.

10. The Director covers his ears in humiliation and runs from the room.

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