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Chapter 1 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is the World State’s motto?

2. Why is the Director leading the students through the

3. What is the year? When would this be, using our present dating system?

4. How are people classified?

5. What is the Bokanovsky Process?

6. How are the bottled embryos moved during their gestation periods?

7. Why are some females allowed a normal, sexual development? What percentage?

8. What had happened when the maturation process had been shortened?

9. How does the introduction of Henry Foster give a businesslike feeling to the Hatchery procedure?

10. What does Lenina’s reaction to the Director’s familiarity show about their relationship?

1. The motto is “Community, Identity, Stability.”

2. The Director always personally takes new students through the Hatchery because he is very proud of his position.

3. The year is A.F. 632; by using the date that Henry Ford opened the Highland Park, Michigan factory, the date is 2546...

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