In Brave New World, what does chapter 12 reveal about the dystopian element of censorship?

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It isn't until after Bernard's party flops in chapter 12 that Huxley shows the element of censorship. The Controller, Mustafa  Mond, reads an essay entitled "A New Theory of Biology" that is written by someone else in the society. Mond is actually impressed with the work, but does not authorize its publication due to the fact that it is "heretical and, so far as the present social order is concerned, dangerous and potentially subversive" (211).  It is then clarified to the reader that Mond's reasons for not authorizing the document pivot on the fact that the document presents a sense of purpose to be explored. Mond's society doesn't want people to find a sense of purpose for living because then that would create curiosity in other aspects of life rather than the mere goal to live in a state of pleasure. Hence, censorship is one of the main ways to control the populace in a dystopian society. By controlling what they read, the Controller can then control what they think.

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