How is the promise of happiness unfulfilled in Brave New World?

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The concept of the "yin and yan" proves true in "Brave New World" as for every good there must be its opposite.  When the New World seeks to provide satisfaction without disastifaction there are disastrous results.  In the systematic manufacture of people, for example, there are aberrations.  Lenina, a Beta, does not follow the precept of "everybody belongs to everybody else" and wishes to date Bernard steadily against the teachings of her society.  Bernard himself is also another one who deviates from the norms of his society as he wishes to sit in Nature and just "think."  His friend Helmholtz is a poet whose radical thinking gets him into trouble. 

That all melancholy and tragedy has not been eliminated is evident in the use of soma induce a pseudo-contentment.    In Chapter XV the riot police are called upon to sudue the Deltas.  They spray soma into the air.  They also carry water pistols filled with anesthetic.  If this New World is perfect, why are there even riot police, and why are they so quickly on location to disburse their aneshetic? Added to this dilemma, soma itself eventually causes death when taken in excess. 

Also, with the replacement of the Soldarity Service for genuine religious services, there is discontentment.  For, the contemplation of the eternal is intrinsic to man, but in order to keep people young, involve, and immersed in sexual pleasures that keep them from thinking, a pseudo-religion is fabricated, one that ends in Orgy-Porgy, replacing sensual excitement for true spiritual fervor.  However, this Orgy-Porgy is merely temporal and disastifaction returns to the people of the New World, a world without charity, self-discipline, heroism, and sainthood, the people of "Brave New World" lose control of their world, and, therefore, lose their humanity.

Two problems that Huxley foresaw in the future was the increase in consumerism and in the advancement of technology.  That the America and other great nations have gone from an industrial nation to one of consumerism has certainly come true and that technology may be exerting negative influences upon the humanity of people is also evidenced.

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