In Brave New World, who are John and his parents, and how did he end up on the reservation?

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In Chapter 7, Part 3, after Bernard Marx and Lenina arrive on the Indian reservation, a place named Malpais, Lenina is appalled at the conditions and relationships of the people, but Bernard is fascinated with them. For instance, he feels that the parent-child relationship is "intimate." He says, "And what an intensity of feeling it must generate!" When they encounter the young man who is different from the other Indians, he tells Bernard and Lenina that the others do not include him in the ceremony because

"They disliked me for my complexion. It's always been like that. Always."

Further, Bernard becomes very interested in this young man who explains that his mother, Linda, came for the "Other Place" a long time ago, before he was born, with a man who was his father. 

She had gone walking alone in those mountains over there to the North, had fallen down a steep place and hurt her head....Some hunters from Malpais had found her and brought her to the pueblo. As for the man who was his father, Linda had never seen him again. His name was Tomakin.

Hearing this, Bernard,who is "on the ropes" with the D.H.C. and may be sent to Iceland, becomes extremely attentive to John's words, and he deduces that "Tomakin" may easily be "Thomas," the first name of the D.H.C. This information Bernard may be able to use to protect and possibly promote himself.

John, of course, is born on the reservation since Linda must have been pregnant with him when she first visited.

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