Cover image of Brave New World vs. Gattaca Movie Viewing Guide

Brave New World vs. Gattaca Movie Viewing Guide

by Michael Stultz, M.A.

  • Release Date: February 12, 2019
  • Subjects: Language Arts
  • Age Levels: Grade 12
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  • Pre-viewing question: If you and your husband/wife could pre-design your child to be “genetically superior” to most others, would you? What traits would you enhance?
  • How are Vincent and Anton different genetically?
  • What are “faith babies”?
  • What is an “in-valid”?
  • List 3 ways that the society portrayed in the movie routinely “reads” a person’s genetic profile.
  • What two major surgeries did Vincent have to enhance his genetic “imperfections?”
  • List three things Vincent did on a daily basis to maintain his “Jerome” identity.
  • Who is murdered in this film? Why?
  • What evidence pointed towards an “in-valid” as the murderer?
  • Describe the different attitudes Vincent and Irene have toward their imperfections.
  • What ultimately happened to Anton? Why?
  • Is Gattaca, like Brave New World, satire? If so, who/what is the main target?


Compare the plot, characters, and themes of the novel and the film.

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