Brander Matthews Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

The Theaters of Paris (criticism) 1880

French Dramatists of the Nineteenth Century (criticism) 1881

Cheap Books and Good Books (nonfiction) 1888

Pen and Ink: Papers on Subjects of More or Less Importance (essays) 1888

American Authors and British Pirates (nonfiction) 1889

Americanisms and Briticisms, with Other Essays on Other Isms (essays) 1892

The Story of a Story, and Other Stories (short stories) 1893

Studies of the Stage (criticism) 1894)

Vignettes of Manhattan (short stories) 1894

His Father's Son (novel) 1895

Aspects of Fiction, and Other Ventures in Criticism (criticism) 1896

An Introduction to the Study of American Literature (criticism) 1896

Outlines in Local Color (short stories) 1898

The Action and the Word (novel) 1900

A Confident Tomorrow (novel) 1900

The Historical Novel, and Other Essays (essays) 1901

The Philosophy of the Short Story (criticism) 1901

The Development of the Drama (criticism) 1903

inquiries and Opinions (essays) 1907

Moliere, His Life and His Works (criticism) 1910

A Study of the Drama (criticism) 1910

Shakespeare As a Playwright (criticism) 1913

On Acting (criticism) 1914

These Many Years: Recollections of a New Yorker (autobiography) 1917

The Principles of Playmaking and Other Discussions of the Drama (criticism) 1919

The Tocsin of Revolt, and Other Essays (essays) 1922

The Clown in History, Romance and Drama (essays) 1924

Suggestions for Teachers of American Literature (essays) 1925

Rip Van Winkle Goes to the Play, and Other Essays on Plays and Players (criticism) 1926