Topics for Further Study

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Ibsen is not the only Norwegian who left the country in the nineteenth century. Between 1815 and 1915, tens of millions of Norwegians migrated to the United States. Research the history of this mass exodus, and compare Ibsen's reasons for leaving the country with the motivations of the masses who came to America.

Darwin's evolutionary theories instigated a debate between evolutionists and creationists that still rages in some areas today. Research a historical case, legal or otherwise, that illustrates this conflict. Write a short script for a modernday court television episode in which the two parties argue their beliefs in front of a judge.

Brand can be, and has been, described as a religious fanatic. Choose another religious group or cult labelled fanatical from history, and research its beliefs. Then, taking the viewpoint of one of the members, write a newspaper editorial that explains what types of conflicts or persecutions members of the group face, using your research to support your claims.

Ibsen was in the extreme group that supported maintaining an alliance with other Scandinavian countries when it came to dealing with wars and other foreign affairs. Find another Scandinavian who held this belief, and research how this person fought for this unification. Write a journal entry from this person's point of view, detailing the struggles faced by Scandinavians of this belief.

Compare Norway's refusal to support Denmark to the political policy of Norway, Denmark, and other Scandinavian countries during World War II, when Nazi Germany fought with much of Europe. How did the actions of Scandinavian countries affect the outcome of the war? If they did not greatly affect the war, discuss how they could have.

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