Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

The Rodriguez boy

The Rodriguez boy (rohd-REE-gehs), a gifted student and would-be rebel in “The Boy Without a Flag.” The Rodriguez boy and his friend Edwin have a crush on their young teacher, Miss Colon, and they help her decorate her classroom at Halloween, earning her gratitude. They also defame her by producing and distributing a comic book called “Slut at the Head of the Class.” To earn his father’s respect, the Rodriguez boy reads voraciously and writes novels and plays. His father, a poet, tries to discourage him, knowing that he will not be able to earn a good living as a writer. Influenced by one of his father’s tirades against American imperialism, he decides not to salute the American flag at school.


Nilsa (NEEL-sah), a fiery tomboy in “No More War Games.” She loves to play war games and cringes at the thought of giving them up, but her friend Cha-Cha, formerly a tomboy, insists that she must act sexy and feminine if she wants to get a boyfriend. As she stalks her prey in one last battle inside a dilapidated building, she feels powerful and sexy. She imagines herself as a new type of woman, one who can play soldier and dress in tattered clothes and still look beautiful and date boys. When she commands Patchi, her prisoner, to tell her she is pretty, he says, “Yuh all right.” His response devastates her. She realizes that boys are not attracted to powerful women.

The narrator

The narrator, a sixteen-year-old heroin addict in “Babies.” Abused as a child, she uses heroin to escape her painful memories. She is torn between a desire to become a mother and the realization that her world is “no place for...

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