The Boy Who Drew Cats

by Lafcadio Hearn

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In "The Boy Who Drew Cats," was the priest's advice helpful to the boy? Why?

Expert Answers

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"The Boy Who Drew Cats" follows a young boy apprenticed to a priest, who is told that he is better fit to become an artist than a priest. When he is told to leave, the boy is additionally advised to seek out small places rather than large ones at night. He is puzzled by this instruction, but it will become very important later on.

The boy later comes to a temple in which dwells a goblin. After spending much time drawing cats, the boy, tired out, remembers the priest's instructions and finds a cabinet in which to sleep. In this way, he is able to avoid being found by the goblin. Meanwhile, the cats he drew earlier kill the goblin.

The priest's advice keeps him safe amid the dangers of that temple. Indeed, the story proceeds to tell us, he will go on to become famous as an artist. In this respect, both pieces of the priest's advice play an important part in shaping his future.

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