Boy, Snow, Bird

by Helen Oyeyemi

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Who is Mrs. Lennox in Boy, Snow, Bird?

Expert Answers

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Mrs. Lennox is the landlady in an inexpensive boarding house where Boy goes to live when she leaves Manhattan for Flax Hill, Massachusetts. She stumbles upon the residence on a snowy day by following two girls from a bus stop, whom she overhears mention a “landlady.”

Mrs. Lennox is a gray-haired, older woman whose attitude implies that she has seen everything, as shown in her amused or annoyed expressions. She is described as having an “elegant figure.” She was born and raised in Flax Hill and offers cheap rooms to poor female tenants. As the other residents assure Boy, the landlady does not get meddle in their business; in fact, she makes herself so scarce that tenants need an appointment to see her.

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