Boy Erased

by Garrard Conley

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In Boy Erased, would you make the same choices as Garrard or different ones, and why?

Quick answer:

To explain whether or not you would make the same choices as Garrard, reflect on some decisions Garrard makes, like how he attends Love in Action because his family wants him to go. Perhaps you would do the same to try and maintain your relationship with your family, or perhaps you would choose not to go and to distance yourself from your family.

Expert Answers

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I cannot do this assignment for you, as your answer to this will of course depend on your own ideas. However, I am happy to provide some thoughts to help get you started!

To begin reflecting on this question, think about some of the major choices that Garrard makes throughout this story of his experience with gay-conversion therapy. For instance, one of the most significant choices he makes is to attend “Love in Action,” the program his family wants him to attend that claims to “cure” people of homosexuality.

He makes this decision in the hope of maintaining his relationship with his parents, who are upset that he is a homosexual and are nervous that his sexuality will reflect badly on them in their conservative Baptist community. Perhaps you might have made the same decision or a similar one to try and please your family. On the other hand, you might have chosen to not attend the program and instead intentionally distanced yourself from your family. You might also reflect on Garrard’s decision to leave the program and explain whether or not you would do the same.

As long as you explain your reasoning for your choices or describe what you would have done differently, you will craft a strong, relevant response.

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