The Bourne Supremacy

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Massacred in the back room of a Hong Kong cabaret are five prominent men, among them the vice premier of the People’s Republic of China. His is only one of a number of powerful voices in China’s Central Committee which have recently been silenced.

The signature of the murderer is Jason Bourne, legendary assassin, but Bourne does not exist. People responsible for United States security know that Bourne was their own creation, sent into action for a purpose and destroyed when his usefulness was over.

All that remains of Jason Bourne is David Webb, gentle professor of Oriental studies, who is struggling with the aid of his beloved wife, Marie, to heal his shattered mind.

The Government determines that only Jason Bourne resurrected is capable of tracking and capturing the impostor. With the kidnaping of Marie, a meticulously devised and ingenious plan is initiated to force David back into the identity of Bourne and the violent, abhorrent world of his past.

David is driven by his obsession to rescue Marie; the Government is driven by its obsession to eliminate the Chinese mastermind behind the plot to destroy the economic stability of Hong Kong and the political stability of the People’s Republic of China.

The mystique of Hong Kong, Macao, and China creates a magnificent backdrop for this intensely absorbing spy thriller. The author’s superb ability to entertain keeps the reader deeply engrossed in spite of the complexities of the plot and the Government’s appalling willingness to sacrifice individuals in order to achieve the greater good.

The story reaches its emotional climax before its actual, and subsequently anticlimatic, ending. Nevertheless, the story is a fascinating one, made more so by the author’s deep and impressive understanding of the culture and politics of the Far East.