A Bottle in the Smoke Critical Essays

A. N. Wilson

A Bottle in the Smoke

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

A.N. Wilson has produced a number of award-winning novels and biographies. With INCLINE OUR HEARTS (1988), he introduced protagonist and narrator Julian Ramsay. Besides offering a wonderful comedic slice of English life, Ramsay’s comments dwell on the nature of biography. Ramsay even goes so far as to say that biographers are nothing more than arrogant liars. Since Wilson is a highly respected biographer, it is provocative to see him taking swipes at the very genre at which he excels. A BOTTLE IN THE SMOKE continues these reflections on biography as Ramsay grows into manhood.

In the 1950’s, Ramsay breaks out of the caged environment of his childhood and resolves to become both a writer and actor. After moving to London to get away from the world of his guardian, Uncle Roy, he takes a job as a bartender in a bar that caters to the bohemian crowd. He takes up residence in a boardinghouse patronized by other struggling artists, hoping to break the shackles of class-conscious English gentry life and make a name for himself based solely on talent. Wilson is adept at poking fun at the English way of doing things, as Evelyn Waugh and Kingsley Amis have done to perfection in the past.

Ramsay marries Anne Starling, and his good luck seems to be his strong suit. Before long, though, outside forces begin to intrude on his happy home. With great wit, Wilson is able to dissect the complexities of life and reveal the dark side of personalities. Before a...

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