The Bostonians Chapters 9 and 10 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 9 and 10 Summary and Analysis


After Verena’s “performance,” the entire crowd is spellbound, including Mrs. Farrinder. Basil asks Miss Birdseye if she would introduce him to Verena. Miss Birdseye agrees. She is pleased that Basil is impressed. However, at this moment Olive announces that she has to leave, claiming to feel unwell. Ransom is disappointed, as he feels obliged to leave with Olive. He asks her if she is really willing to miss the chance to hear Mrs. Farrinder speak. Mrs. Farrinder herself asks Olive to stay. She begs her to remember Beacon Street, as if Olive is a missionary of the women’s movement to the elite of Boston. Olive declares fiercely that she is sick of the elite and bids good-bye to everyone....

(The entire section is 752 words.)