The Bostonians Chapters 41 and 42 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 41 and 42 Summary and Analysis


For two hours, Basil walks around town, continually passing the Music Hall. Posters of Verena cover the outside, but there is no sign of Verena herself. He goes in and waits as the crowds fill up the immense auditorium. He goes backstage and asks that his card be sent to Verena with a request that he might see her before she begins to speak. The guard tells him that he is not allowed to let Basil in, on orders from Olive Chancellor. As he argues with the guard, Mr. Pardon comes backstage, also wanting to see Verena. He is turned away as well, as the time has now come for the program to start. Basil, hearing the organ music, tries to tell the guard that the organist is under orders to keep...

(The entire section is 997 words.)