The Bostonians Chapters 39 and 40 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 39 and 40 Summary and Analysis


The next morning Basil meets Doctor Prance and discovers that Miss Birdseye passed away about an hour after he left. Doctor Prance is returning to Boston, as she has patients waiting for her. He receives a note from Verena, stating that he must not expect to see her for a few days. She want to be alone to think. She asks him to leave for a while, so he goes to nearby Provincetown. Eventually, he returns to the cottage. Verena comes out to tell him that it is impossible that the two of them should be together after all. Infuriated, Basil takes her out in a boat to talk to her alone.

Olive is calm in the face of this, knowing that Verena has once again vowed to stay with her. Yet as...

(The entire section is 910 words.)