The Bostonians Chapters 35 and 36 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 35 and 36 Summary and Analysis


Spring has turned into summer. In August, Basil leaves the heat of New York for Cape Cod, Massachusetts, for the purpose of winning Verena Tarrant. As he walks to the nearest hotel on the beach, he is struck by the surroundings: nothing seems to be growing. It just as if everything has stopped at one moment in time. At the shabby hotel, he sees that there are very few other guests. In the evening, he goes for a walk on the beach and runs into Doctor Prance. She is staying with Olive and Verena. Miss Birdseye is also a guest, but her health is extremely poor.

Doctor Prance and Basil pick up their relationship where it had left off two years before. The met the night Verena Tarrant...

(The entire section is 929 words.)