The Bostonians Chapters 33 and 34 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 33 and 34 Summary and Analysis


Basil asks Verena to come out for a walk with him. However, Verena is unwilling for some reason, although she realizes that in Cambridge she had no qualms about doing so. But at that time, it was she who did the asking; it is different somehow when it is Basil making the request. He says that he wants to show her New York just as she wanted to show him Harvard. More than anything, he does not want to face the possibility of seeing Olive Chancellor. Verena tells him that she has seen it; she went for a ride there the day before with a friend. Basil understands her to mean that the friend was Henry Burrage. He insists that he wants to say some very important things to her. Verena does not feel...

(The entire section is 920 words.)