The Bostonians Chapters 31 and 32 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 31 and 32 Summary and Analysis


On the return of Olive and Verena to their hotel, they find a letter for each of them. Verena takes her letter to the privacy of her room, leaving the one for Olive on the hall table. She knows who it is from and what it is about, and this knowledge makes her feel treacherous in regards to Olive. It is from Basil, asking to meet her the next day. Talking to Olive, she tells her the contents of the letter, but says that, since they are returning to Boston the next day, it is of no consequence. Olive, however, says they need to return quickly, as her letter is from Mrs. Burrage, urging her to let Verena stay with her for a long visit in New York. Verena is eager to stay, but does not want to upset...

(The entire section is 1045 words.)