The Bostonians Chapters 29 and 30 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 29 and 30 Summary and Analysis


The next morning, Mrs. Luna visits Olive in order to determine who exactly sent Basil Ransom the invitation to Mrs. Burrage’s gathering the night before. Olive denies that she had been the one to invite him. Mrs. Luna knows how she feels about him now, but at the beginning she was the one who brought him into their lives. Olive believes that Mrs. Luna has come just to make herself disagreeable, but she admits that inviting Basil to call on her in Boston was a mistake, done simply because she believed her mother would have done so. She also thought that he and Mrs. Luna would have been married by now. Mrs. Luna acts shocked that Olive would think she would marry anyone just because he “hung...

(The entire section is 969 words.)