The Bostonians Chapters 27 and 28 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 27 and 28 Summary and Analysis


Mrs. Luna confronts Basil, asking him why he is at Mrs. Burrage’s gathering. In reply, Basil asks Mrs. Luna why she has come. He knows it could not be for his sake, since she did not know that he was coming. She says that she assumed that he would be here because Miss Tarrant would be speaking. She herself has no interest in the “chatterbox,” so he is indeed her reason for coming. Basil states that he supposes that Olives asked that an invitation be sent to him, but Mrs. Luna knows how her sister feels about their cousin, so this is unlikely.

Mrs. Luna obviously will not let him go, although he desperately wants to hear Verena speak. She guesses that, and so keeps him by her...

(The entire section is 929 words.)