The Bostonians Chapters 25 and 26 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 25 and 26 Summary and Analysis


As Basil and Verena walk toward Harvard College, Basil notices the houses go from shabby wooden shacks to more elaborately decorated homes, complete with brick pavements and house numbers. Basil asks Verena about the women’s convention, but she doubts his true interest since he is against the reform movement. He says that he does not like it and he fears it. He sees that she was excited to be a part of it and mentions that she would miss it if she “returned to the ancient fold,” meaning to his own beliefs concerning women’s role in society. He feels angry at the thought of Verena involved with people whom he refers to as “carpet-baggers,” which, to the Southern mind, are a...

(The entire section is 899 words.)