The Bostonians Chapters 15 and 16 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 15 and 16 Summary and Analysis


As Olive dines with the Tarrants, she becomes increasingly aware of the shabby life that her protégé, Verena, must suffer. The unattractive house is located on a dilapidated street; little has been done in the way of improvements. She is more in awe of the fact that two such despicable characters should produce such as marvel as Verena. She hates the thought that Mr. Tarrant must lay his hands on Verena in order for her to perform, although Verena insinuated that it was for his benefit rather than for hers.

She observes a fellow guest, Mr. Pardon, the magazine writer, who strikes her as odd but dangerous, as in a threat to her relationship with Verena. He has evidently accompanied...

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