The Book of Mormon

by Joseph Smith, translator

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

The Book of Mormon is a sacred text in the Latter Day Saint movement published by Joseph Smith. According to Smith, the text was originally written in an unknown language called "reformed Egyptian," engraved on golden plates, and buried in modern day Manchester, New York, by Moroni, the last prophet to contribute to the work.

An analysis of the Book of Mormon would be very similar to one of any Judeo-Christian text, though it uniquely puts a large emphasis on American Exceptionalism. The book regards America as a land of promise and states that any righteous people that possess the land will be protected by God. In this sense, the Book of Mormon emphasizes the importance of America in the same way that the Holy Bible emphasizes the importance of Israel.

The Book of Mormon also puts a relatively heavier emphasis on peace, praising the faith of pacifists. The book states that war and violence are only acceptable when defending one's very life. It also puts a heavy emphasis on charity, as societies who alienate the poor in the book frequently fall upon misfortune.

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