The Book of Job

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Principal English Translations

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The Book of Job, in the Wycliffe Bible (translator unknown) c. 1390

The Book of Job, in the Great Bible of 1539 (translated by Miles Coverdale) 1539

The Book of Job, in the "Authorized," or "King James"Bible (translated by a committee under the auspices of King James I) 1611

A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on The Book of Job: Together with a New Translation (translated by Samuel Rolles Driver and George Buchanan Gray) 1921

The Book of Job, in the Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible (translated by the International Council of Religious Education) 1952

The Anchor Bible: Job (translation by Marvin H. Pope) 1965

The Book of Job, in The New English Bible: The Old Testament (translated under the supervision of the Joint Committee on the New Translation of the Bible) 1970

The Book of Job: Commentary, New Translation, and Special Studies (translated by Robert Gordis) 1978

The Book of Job (translated by Stephen Mitchell) 1987

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