The Bonesetter's Daughter Part 2, Chapter 6 Summary

Amy Tan

Part 2, Chapter 6 Summary

LuLing contemplates suicide after her husband, Kai Jing, is killed. However, GaoLing tells LuLing not to bother because the Japanese are about to come and kill them. LuLing also reminds herself that she is now responsible for Kai Jing’s father, Teacher Pan. She is the one who must feed him and take care of his needs. One of the older teachers tells LuLing that she needs to be brave for the children’s sake; she is a role model for them and should not allow them to see her weaken in her sorrows. So LuLing lives.

However, the Japanese soldiers come. Everyone inside the orphanage hears the soldiers’ gunshots. When they peek through the windows, they see that the Japanese are shooting at the American flags the foreign...

(The entire section is 550 words.)