The Bonesetter's Daughter Part 1, Chapters 6-7 Summary

Amy Tan

Part 1, Chapters 6-7 Summary

Ruth asks her Auntie Gal to take care of LuLing for a week or so. Ruth does not have the time right then to give her mother the care that she needs. In addition, she needs time to make a decision concerning what to do with her mother in the future. LuLing is no longer capable of taking care of herself.

While her mother is at Auntie Gal’s, Ruth goes to her mother’s place and begins to clean the apartment; she sorts through the old clothes and bath towels and sheets, and she cleans out the kitchen cabinets. The process stirs memories about her childhood.

There was a time when Ruth and her mother lived in a small, three-room cottage (a converted garage) in Berkeley. LuLing had moved there because it allowed...

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