This play was a product of the Nobel Prize winner in 1922 and one of the most important authors in the Spanish literary world of the twentieth century. In this particular work we find Benavente y Martínez playing the part of satirist, demonstrating the duality of man’s nature. He has attempted to reveal the mixture of good and evil in every man by showing that the human personality is a complex one, that generosity and friendliness mingle freely, but irreconcilably, with the sordid and base. In addition, Benavente y Martínez shows by means of the characters and the action in THE BONDS OF INTEREST that every person must be made aware of the practical implications of one’s conduct and the effect that these implications have on every person’s ethical outlook. One point that this play, and Benavente y Martínez’s work in general, makes clear: he was primarily interested in man as an individual. Benavente y Martínez, a Loyalist sympathizer, disappeared during the Spanish Civil War; his fate has not definitely been determined.