(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed


Pisander (pih-SAN-dur), a Theban nobleman disguised as Marullo, a bondman. He is diverted by his love of Cleora from taking revenge on Leosthenes, who has jilted his sister. He instigates a revolt of the slaves in the absence of the Syracusan army, his purpose being to obtain Cleora’s love. His gracious and generous behavior while he is in power in the city and his fortitude in adversity win her heart. He is much given to verbal heroics.


Cleora (kleh-OH-ruh), the daughter of Archidamus, beloved by Leosthenes and Pisander. Filled with noble sentiments and rhetoric, she is angered by Leosthenes’ distrust of her and vows to remain blindfolded and speechless until he returns from the war with Carthage. She becomes further angered when, after fulfilling her vow, she is still distrusted. Finally, she accepts Pisander.


Leosthenes (leh-OS-theh-neez), who formerly was contracted to Statilia. His lack of faith in Cleora and his persecution of Pisander/Marullo alienate her. When confronted with Statilia in the trial scene, he shamefacedly acknowledges her claim and gives up Cleora to Pisander.


Statilia (steh-TIH-lee-uh), Pisander’s sister, in disguise as Timandra, Cleora’s slave. She loves Leosthenes...

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