The Bohemians of the Latin Quarter Characters
by Henri Murger

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Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)


Rodolphe (roh-DOHLF), an impoverished poet who takes up with Mimi and later writes a successful book, but who is not lucky in love.


Mimi (mee-MEE), “La Bohème” (boh-EHM), who becomes the mistress of Rodolphe, and briefly of Paul. She dies grieving for Rodolphe.

Alexander Schaunard

Alexander Schaunard (ah-lehk-SAHN-dr shoh-NAHR), a composer and portrait painter, ejected from his studio in the Latin Quarter.


Marcel (mahr-SEHL), a painter who takes over Schaunard’s studio.

Mother Cadet

Mother Cadet (kah-DAY), whose rabbit stew attracts the penniless Bohemians.


Colline (koh-LEEN), a philosopher who shares his stew with Schaunard.

The Uncle of Rodolphe

The Uncle of Rodolphe, who wants him to write a manual on stove-making.

Mlle Musette

Mlle Musette (mew-ZEHT-), the mistress of Marcel, and others, who gives a party for the artists.

The Councilor of State

The Councilor of State, who jilts Musette.

M. Benoit

M. Benoit (beh-NWAH), the landlord of Rodolphe, whose room he rents to Mimi.


Momus (moh-MEWS), the owner of Cafe Momus. He is generous to artists.


Barbemuche (bahrb-MEWSH), who pays for the artists’ Christmas Eve in the Café Momus.

M. Maurice

M. Maurice (moh-REES), a temporary lover of Musette.

Viscount Paul

Viscount Paul, a lover of Mimi.


Phémie (fay-MEE), the mistress of Schaunard.